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 derval - industrial valves
Derval is a leading manufacturer and supplier of valves for Oil, Gas, and Power Generation industries. The main products include Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Dual Plate & Strainers, in forged or cast steel. Our product range starts from 1/2” and extends to 60” valves with pressure ratings ANSI / ASME Class 150 to 2500 Lbs. and ...

 globe valves - velan
Two lugs cast under the wheel strike simultaneous blows and give 3–10 times the closing force of standard handwheels. Impactor handwheels are supplied at manufacturer’s option unless specified by customer. Flanges: ASME Classes: 150–300: 1⁄16” raised face. ASME Classes: 600–1500: ¼” raised face. Finish: 125–250 AARH for all valves.

 klinger industrial valves - global manufacturer & supplier - order now
Facts Globe Valves. Wide range of body materials, including cast iron, ductile cast iron, SG-iron steel, and stainless steel; Flanged and threaded globe valve designs; Depending on product type, suitable for a wide range of applications and media, maintenance-free; Cold and hot water, steam, nitrogen oxides, gas, air, oil, chemicals and various ...

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 industrial globe valves products | flowserve
Flowserve's globe valves product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the flow control industry. Explore a wide range of globe valves today.

 stainless steel globe valves | mcmaster-carr
Body is 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. Flow coefficient (Cv) is the amount of water (in gallons per minute) at 60° F that will flow through a fully open valve with a difference of 1 psi between the inlet and the outlet. For technical drawings and 3-D models, click on a part number. Pipe. Size.

 globe valve manufacturer - bronze, steel & iron valves - powell valves
Our Globe Valves are primarily used to stop, start, and regulate fluid flow in pipelines, and can shut off fluid flows by moving the disc against the flow stream. We offer a wide range of Globe Valves in various materials, including stainless steel, bronze, cast steel, and iron. Our valve styles include corrosion-resistant, pressure seal, and ...

 globe valves | emerson us
A throttling globe valve uses a linear motion to move a closure member into and out of a seating surface. They have a body distinguished by a globular-shaped cavity around the port region and are designed to regulate process flow when used in conjunction with an actuator assembly.

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