ISO 14001 certification

We are proud to inform you that DERVAL has been awarded ISO14001 accreditation, the internationally recognized environmental management standard. 

Since its establishment, Derval s.r.l. stands out for its constant care to all problems of the effects on the environment and for its deep fulfilling of the related law obligations in force.

Being the environmental preservation a fundamental point for the quality of life and for the preservation of sustainable development, Derval has invested its resources and its personnel in an important path in defence of the environment.

The accomplishment of UNI EN ISO 14001 certification - that we got at the end of this path - has been the reward for one year of concentrated and accurate working.

First of all, some points in conflict with environment have been found out and highlighted; and proper steps have been immediately taken to keep under control, prevent and stem any eventual negative effects.

Then, Derval has even carried out a specific “environmental management system” within its corporate structure, in accordance to the above mentioned certification.

This is in order to grant the respect for any legal prescription in all its activities, and to always keep a constant and updated level of information about any new and current laws.



Written on 18/06/2019