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 dual-plate check valves | gestra
BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves are designed especially for systems or applications where there is low pressure drop. These check valves prevent backflow in horizontal and vertical pipelines. They are wafer-type valves with a double swing design, two hinge pins and four springs. BB DISCOCHECK dual-plate check valves can be used with a ...

 dual plate check valves - orion valves
Dual Plate Lug Check Valves RETAINERLESS DESIGN ACCORDING TO API 594. Double Flanged Check Valves RETAINERLESS DESIGN ACCORDING TO API 594. Special Features. Installation Recommendation. Orion S.p.A. Sede Legale Via Euippa 18 73100 Lecce Italy Sede Amministrativa e stabilimento Via Giovanni e Sebastiano Caboto, 8 34147 Trieste (TS)

 dual-plate check valves (proquip) - velan
Retainerless dual-plate check valves for a broad range of applications. Retainerless valve body; meaning, no penetration through the body wall. Fire safe design. Self-seating design that reduces dragging along the seat surfaces. Lapped seating surfaces that exceed API 598 seat leakage requirements for metal-seated valves.

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 dual plate check valves - castflow
Dual plate, spring loaded, wafer style design for the protection of gas or liquid piping systems ... CASTFLOW VALVES S.L. has been experiencing the production of check valves in Duplex stainless steel for the last years, increasing our knowledge on the complex casting technology. ...

 valvole di ritegno a doppio battente bb discocheck | italia
Dual-Plate Check Valves BB EN Range DN 50 up to 1000, PN 6 up to 160 ASME Range 2" up to 40", Class 150 up to 900: English: DBL_810439: Scarica il PDF: Dual-Plate Check Valves BB with Anti-Corrosion Lining EN Range DN 150 up to 1000, PN 6 up to 16: English: DBL_819223: Scarica il PDF

 dual plate check valve - design and engineering
Dual Plate Check Valve. An all-purpose non return valve that is much stronger, lighter in weight and smaller in size compared to a conventional swing or lift check valve. Employs two-spring-loaded plates hinged on a central hinge pin. When the flow decreases, the plates close by the action of torsion spring before flow reversal takes place.

 dual plate wafer check valve catalog - walworth
DUAL PLATE WAFER CHECK VALVE (IRON AND CAST STEEL) Advantages of Design The main purpose of the DUAL PLATE WAFER CHECK valve is to perform the work of almost any conventional valve. However, being smaller makes it lighter and, therefore, is more cost efficient to purchase, install and maintain. It is also a silent check valve; because

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