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 stainless steel valves available for immediate shipment - tecnica tre
Tecnica Tre offers a wide range of stainless steel valves for shutting off fluids and compressed air. In stock you can find ball valves with threaded or welded ends, flanged wafer ball valves, butterfly valves with DIN connections, moulded and solid check valves.. If necessary, the company also supplies stainless steel valves of different sizes and types than those shown in the catalogue.

 home - metalvalves
Metalvalves is one of the best italian company for the design and manufacture of high quality industrial valves. Metalvalves produces on-off valves and control valves for energy, chemical, petrochemical, water treatment and distribution industries, for the Oil & Gas, LNG and mining sectors. Metalvalves was founded by people with over twenty ...

 ball valves stainless steel series | parker na
Body Material. Connection 1 Thread Size (metric) 0465 04 13. 2/2 in-line stainless light serie ball valve female. STAINLESS STEEL. PTFE. STAINLESS STEEL 303. G1/4. 1__2/2 in-line stainless light serie ball valve female __1.

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 stainless steel valves | high-strength corrosion resistance | valworx
Stainless steel ball valves offer high corrosion resistance and high strength. Depending on construction they can be used for high pressure applications, in some cases over 3000psi. They are especially well-suited for cryogenic applications and are available with a variety of end connections. Given their combination of strength, durability and ...

 stainless & high alloy steel valves | kitz
They are martensitic stainless steel containing 13% chromium, ferritic stainless steel containing 18% chromium, and austenitic stainless steel containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Among them, austenitic stainless steel is widely used for both valve shells and trims, which require high pressure resistant characteristic.

 components for plants and tanks | aerre -
Stainless steel valves and devices. Since 1990, Aerre Inox is dealing with the design and production of valves and devices made of stainless steel and special materials for plants and tanks in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic, food & beverage and chemical sectors. Production and design flexibility, a direct relationship with each customer and a peculiar care for craft-style ...

 on-off directional valves | atos stainless steel hydraulics
On-off valves. Directional valves. Solenoid and hydraulic operated valves: X full stainless steel, XS external stainless steel parts and XW internal stainless steel parts. Spool or leak free poppet executions.

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